Duration: ~ 2h
Price: From 240 PLN
60 € per tour
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Since its establishment in 1335 till the end of the 18th century, Kazimierz was a separate town. Today it is a district of Krakow, very popular and lively since early nineties.

There were two sections in Kazimierz: a Jewish and a Christian. In the contemporary Poland only a few thousand Jews live. Before the II World War, Poland was home to the largest of Europe’s Jewish communities, the third largest Jewish settlement in the world. Citizens of Jewish origin were one quarter of the population in the prewar Krakow.

The traces of the 800 years of presence can be found not only in Kazimierz but also in the very centre of Krakow and in the surroundings.

One finds here seven preserved synagogues (two still operating), two Jewish graveyards (the Remuh-cemetery from the 16th century is probably the oldest preserved Jewish graveyard in Poland), the Centre for Jewish Culture, the annual Festival for Jewish Culture, and on the other hand numerous cafes, pubs, restaurants, antiquities shops, galleries that form the present character of the district. Not only during the day, but also till late at night with many night life opportunities.

Kazimierz is perhaps the only quarter in the world where streets with Jewish and Christian names intersect.

The walk through the narrow street, quiet courtyards and noisy squares includes all important sites: a few old prayer houses, one operating synagogue, the old graveyard and the sites from the movie “Schindler’s List” filmed in Krakow by Steven Spielberg in 1993.

The tour includes: Szeroka St., Remuh synagogue (closed on Saturdays), Tempel synagogue (optional), Centre for Jewish Culture, sites from the Oscar winning film “Schindler’s List”.

Duration: 2 h

Prices:1-3 persons 240 PLN, 4-8 persons 280PLN; over 8 price negotiable. The price includes the entrance fees to a synagogue.

Combined tour (Kazimierz + ghetto area)

It is possible to cross the river and explore the former ghetto area. In the merchandise, wealthy town district Podgórze, the ghetto operated 1941 – 1943. In Lwowska Street there is a small piece of the old ghetto walls and in 4 Lipowa Street – the factory operated by Oskar Schindler. At the 18 Bohaterow Getta Pl. there is a small museum (Pharmacy under the Eagle) that recalls the tragic time.

Duration: 3,5 h

Price: 1–3 persons 250 PLN; 4–8 persons 280 PLN; over 8 persons prices negotiable. The price includes the entrance fee to a synagogue.

Combined tour (Kazimierz + ghetto area + sites of the concentration camp Płaszów)

It is possible to extend the tour and visit the sites of the former concentration camp Płaszów.

Duration: approximately 4 h

Prices: 2-3 persons 160 PLN per person, 4-6 persons 140 PLN per person; over 6 prices negotiable. The price includes the entrance fee to a synagogue and the transport to the Płaszów camp and back to the centre.