Krakow is the mostly visited city in Poland. It belongs to the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. It is also one of very few European cities that survived the II World War intact. A visit here becomes a trip into the past. History and present form the face and the special atmosphere of this Royal city. Krakow is an important centre of economy, science and social life. You will find here famous theatres, museums, galleries as well as numerous cafes, pubs and restaurants. It stepped into the twenty first century as a dynamically developing and the best-known Polish city in the world.

Next to Berlin, Vienna, Prague and Budapest, Krakow is one of the places to see in Central Europe. But not a capital anymore, the city is more relaxed and cheaper. It is not big (you don’t need a map to walk through Krakow – the church towers serve as landmarks; most of the notable sites are located within walking distance). It is not overcrowded either (you can still hear the Polish language in the streets). To be honest, we have everything to make a tourist satisfied:

  • Two orchestras presenting European level, opera, a dozen theatres, museums, temporary exhibitions, REALLY good jazz clubs, and oh … Nigel Kennedy has made Krakow his home (he supports one of our football teams – Cracovia).
  • Ranging from the Cloth Hall at the Main Market Square offering a fantastic selection of amber, silver and handicraft to Krakow’s shopping centers (especially recommended in January and August – the months of great sales).
  • Oh, save some energy for the next day, in the state of emergency you will find shelter from daylight in one of the smoky cafes surrounding the Main Market Square and Szeroka Street in the Jewish quarters.