Duration: ~ 6h
Price: 150 PLN / 38€ per person
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Every year one milion visitors go to see Auschwitz Memorial Museum. Unfortunately the crowds may make your visit in that special place very discomfortable and distressing. If you want to see Auschwitz Memorial at it’s most peaceful and quiet – consider our early morning visiting option. Leave Cracow at 8 a.m. and avoid crowds and queues. The price remains the same as for the regular tour. Contact us.

Beginning in 1940, the Nazis built many concentration and death camps in the area of Poland, which at the time had been annexed by Nazi Germany. Auschwitz-Birkenau was the largest complex created for mass killing of deportees 90% of whom were of Jewish origin.


Auschwitz and Birkenau are two preserved camps situated at a distance of 3 km from each other. The town of Oświęcim is located 70 km southwest of Krakow. The entrance to the museum is free. Bookings can be made for tours of the museum with professionally trained guides in order to provide you with exhaustive information on the death camps.

The exhibition presented in the preserved barracks of Auschwitz I gives you information about the process of killing and about prisoners’ lives.

Visitors can enter the only surviving gas chamber.

In Birkenau a couple of preserved barracks, a watch tower over the main gate and the memorial can be visited. Only the size of the camp Auschwitz II (Birkenau) shows the scope of crime committed here.

Two options are available:

  1. Visiting the memorial with a group of individual tourist
  2. Visiting the memorial with a private English speaking guide ( price negotiable – contact us )
  3. The price includes:

    • transport- door to door service
    • english-speaking guide
    • entrance fees
    • lunch break
    • the price does not include the meal